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Week 8: 24 April Production

This week my focus was on the location shoot and final predations for the shoot including testing the camera and lenses so I can finalise my shot list.

My plan was to shoot in Soho late afternoon and early evening. I went into central London twice to finalise the exact locations and take photos for my portfolio. It didn't go well as it was too busy with tourists in the run up to the coronation. I often go into central London and really didn't expect it to be this bad.

I think it unlikely that the shoot will work in central London so close to the coronation, so have decided to move the shoot to Richmond. I know the area very well and so do the rest of the team. I have starred local toon scouting there and am going to finish on Modnay with taking some more photos of the location.

On the positive note, I borrowed the camera from college and had a good opportunity to try out different shots. I feel quite comfortable with the camera now which is good. The only issue I identified was the battery life. As we do not get a charger with the camera, I am limited with how much I can film so may have to account for an additional day for the shoot.

I also made some good progress on the script which is coming together nicely and have finalised the casting. I also have the props now (mainly the mask) have tried it out in front of the camera.

Next week, I'm planning to complete most of the shooting and make sure we take lots of backstage photos.

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