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Week 12: 22 May Post Production

I can't believe how quickly these last few weeks have gone. This week was the final week of our Final Major Project in my final year at college. I can't really believe this is basically the final few weeks of my time in school.

I have done so much editing this week. I do a lot of editing on personal projects but despite that I have found the editing on this quite challenging. I have learned a lot of new skills as well - thank you to the tutors who have been really helpful during this last period. This time last week I was really quite worried but I have finally finished my film.

I am not very good at writing down anything my learning. Last year I didn't really do the reflective blog at all but I knew that this year I have to try to get the grades I need for university.

I have dictated most of this ans went back later to upload so at times it didn't make sense but I hope I have done enough.

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