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Week 10: 8 May Production

This week, I continued with production and completed the day 2 of my shoot. The whole crew were great and made the experience fun. However the weather was not great.

For the first scene we had to shoot, we went to Wimbledon to catch the train towards Richmond to meet the rest of the team. I got some great shots and we filmed the whole train scene. Im hoping we don't have to reshoot that part.

We then met the rest of the crew in Richmond. Funnily there was an actual shoot going on (presumably Ted Lasso) and we were very jealous when they were able to continue filming despite the rain with all their gazebos!

We were not so lucky and had to called it a day.

It's a shame about the weather as I was hoping to get some shots when it was darker but the days are so long the sun doesn't go down until very late. This is something I hadn't considered when planning the shoot and definitely I will learn from.

I have a lot of footages to edit and more work to do on the website so it will be a busy couple of weeks.

Next week, I will be reviewing my footage and start editing.

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