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Week 6: 10 April Pre-production

I am still in pre-production. This is partly because it is the Easter holidays and I need a break and partly because I changed my proposal for the final major project. I am pleased I have made this choice and excited to celebrate Scream as it is such an iconic film.

I have continued to research horror films and the Scream franchise in particular. I am really interested how people have such different views on these films. It seems a lot of older viewers in particular don't like the latest Scream films, but that is a common theme with franchises - they can sometimes become a bit worse over time. Scream 5 in particular seems to cause debate.

I personally really enjoyed Scream 5 and it is part of what excites me about this project.

I have developed a short survey/ questionnaire which I am going analyse next week to complete my research. This will help me finalise my proposal and start work on defining my audience. I wonder if my survey will show similar findings as my research.

Next week, apart form analysing the survey, I will be working on my script and start preparation for the shoot by identifying equipment I need.

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