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Week 7: 17 April Pre-Production

This week didn't go quite as I planned. My plan was to finish my script and pin down my location for the shoot. I have done more work on the script but I have been really struggling to concentrate on it and just not made as much progress as I hoped. It is getting harder to manage my time as I have to resist my GCSE exams and am revising for that as well. I have problems organising and processing information which can really hold me back. I'm also dyslexic so the writing isn't easy for me.

I have continued to research horror films with a focus on films inspired by Scream. I watched "Happy Death Day" (2017) which like Scream puts a new spin on the genre. In Happy Death Day, a college student is forced to live her death over and over again until she can uncover the killer’s identity. The movie is quite funny but still has some gruesome moments. I also watched "I what you did last summer" - such a classic.

The survey went well and I'm pleased with the responses I got in a short time. I have downloaded the report but need to type up the data into a report to upload to Wix.

Next week, I am going to do some more work to finish off the audience research. For production, my focus will be on finishing the script and doing more location scouting and hopefully taking some photos!

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