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Week 5: 3 April Pre-Production

This week was the start of the Easter holidays. I have continued my research adn developed my proposal further whilst also taking a break.

I go to the cinema most weeks to see the latest films. This week I went to see a film in pre-release which was fascinating as I didn't know what to expect. I find it difficult to concentrate on reading due to my dyslexia and have to use different media and work doe shorter periods of time. Going to see movies is a way for me to learn about film making. I watch a wide range of genres and find it really inspiring to see the differences and pick up on new ideas for shots, angles and location use. I also find it helpful for writing my script as I can find it hard to sit and write from scratch. i find it really daunting. Having new influences from movies really helps my creativity.

Next week, I want to do more research into horror and scream mainly and complete my research.

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