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Week 1: 6 March 2023 Pre-Production

This weeks was the start of our Final Major Project. I have started putting my initial thoughts on paper.

My idea is to do document people's reactions to a film premiere or showing or a stage show. My plan at the moment is to photograph or film people's initial reactions as they leave the theatre or cinema.

Photography is my comfort zone so my tendency is to go for a photography project again. the other option is a documentary/ news style short interviews of people as they leave.

I have attended a lot of TV show productions including Britain's Got Talent and watched the red carpet for film premieres so I have some clear ideas of what could work. I am concerned about the weather as I will be filming in April and the weather can be unpredictable. If I go for a an event, it will be hard to reschedule so that is something to consider.

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