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Zach Hassler



My first idea is to create a documentary about my favourite Theme Park - Thorpe Park. The aim of the documentary is to interview up to 20 Theme Park Enthusiasts about their earliest memories of visiting the Theme Park

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This is my third choice idea. I have spent some time considering this idea and the criteria for teh FMP. I am concerned about my idea meeting the criteria for a narrative documentary and also finding experts ot interview. 


My second idea is to create a photography project.  Photography is my back up idea as it is something I am confident in and I do as a hobby.  The focus of the photography project would on People in London. I have experimented with portrait photography recently and would be looking to present 25 portraits of Londoners in 2023.  One of my ideas is to attend a protest march as I have done before and capture people there. 

This is my second choice idea. While I am confident doing portrait photography, I really want to  push myself a little more and produce a short film this year as this is my passion and I think it will be good experience for me to work as part of a team to deliver the final film.


My third idea is to create a short film celebrating the Scream franchise. I am a massive fan of horror films and have always been fascinated by how we respond to horror and other productions that aim to scare us. 


This is my first choice because the horror genre continues to grow in popularity particularly for my age group. I am interested in doign more research on the subject and grow this project will help me grow as an artist. 

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